This installation piece was something I’d wanted to do for as long as I can remember, but had written off the possibility given the costs. Luckily my years of work professionally paid off and I have my former employer to thank for bringing it to fruition. The idea was to make graffiti three dimensionally, lit, and also hopefully to scale.

Here i’m showing my process from pencil sketch to the final product installed in my apartment. It meant a lot to me having my coworkers chip in and make it happen. I’ve since designed logo’s, flyers, and banners for all three of the guys who made it (all three DJ). My goal is to make bigger and more complex pieces, with multiple sources of animated light, separate and size varying letters, halo lighting, and background installations. I see this with endless possibilities and I plan to make much more fine art with the materials used in corporate signage.

graffiti, design, installation